Louis Vuitton, Fall-Winter 2014/15


Juergen Teller / Nicolas Ghesquière

On 5 March 2014, Juergen Teller photographed the eagerly anticipated first collection by Nicolas Ghesquière as the new artistic director of Louis Vuitton. In his inimitable style, Teller visualizes the designer’s ambitious manifesto for the luxury house: ‟Louis Vuitton is a land of contrasts. A time-honored and noble legacy is kept alive by a yearning for discovery and exploration. Coursing boldly and imaginatively through the decades, Louis Vuitton refreshes the world of fashion with an untiring ebb and flow of retrospective and fresh perspective … This initial collection tells a tale of expertise made possible by innovative techniques. It focuses on the highlights and remains open to interpretation. Living proof that today’s ‛timeless’ was at one time seen as innovative. In this collection, the timeless is now.”

This book is a collaboration between two of the most influential vanguards working in contemporary fashion. Teller’s candid, unadorned aesthetic perfectly complements the restrained luxury of Ghesquière’s fashion, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the rich history of Louis Vuitton.

// 5 backstage posters
// 12 fold-out lookbook posters
// 9 campaign prints, 35.5 × 28 cm
// 4 photo prints, 18 × 24 cm
// 10 photo prints, 13 × 18 cm
// 1 text booklet
// Packed in a handmade archive box

Interview with Juergen Teller and
Nicolas Ghesquière by Sylvia Jorif
Book design by M/M (Paris)

11.8 × 15 × 1.2 in. / 30 × 38 × 3 cm
ISBN 978-3-86930-823-4
Preis: 95.00 €

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